Majas Hope


168 cm
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Majas Hope


Porter Rhodes


Brown Sue


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01. Pippa Funnell
Trainer and Mentor for Wesko Foundation, Patron for World Horse Welfare

In 2003, Pippa Funnell MBE  became the first person to win the Rolex Grand Slam of Eventing with consecutive wins at Rolex Kentucky, Badminton and Burghley. She also won Badminton in 2002 and 2005, two Individual golds (1999–2001) and three team golds (1999–2003) at the European Championships. Pippa is a three-time Olympic medallist, winning team silver in 2000 and 2004, and an individual bronze in 2004. She also competed at the 2016 Summer Olympics. Pippa remains at the top of the sport, and is a renowned producer of young horses from the Billy Stud ( )with her husband William Funnell. Pippa’s horses have included Supreme Rock, Primmore's Pride, Sir Barnaby, Bits and Pieces, Walk on Star, and Ensign, and more recently, Redesigned, Billy Beware, Billy the Biz, Billy Llandretti, Mirage D`Elle, Billy Cuckoo and Sandman7. Her current horses are listed in the horse section of this website. Pippa became European Young Rider Champion in 1987 after successfully competing on Sir Barnaby at Bialy Bor, Poland. In 1999, Pippa became European Champion at Luhmühlen riding Supreme Rock and again on the same horse in 2001 at Pau – France. She was a member of the British teams that won silver at the Sydney Olympics in 2000, bronze at the World Equestrian Games in 2002 both with Supreme Rock, and silver again at the Athens Olympics of 2004, this time with Primmore`s Pride. In addition, Pippa won the individual bronze medal at Athens. In 2003, Pippa became the first rider ever to complete the Rolex Grand Slam of Eventing, by adding the Burghley title to her victories earlier in the year at Kentucky and Badminton, to earn a $250,000 bonus from Rolex. The Kentucky and Burghley victories were on Primmore's Pride, while the Badminton victory was on Supreme Rock. Pippa remains one of only two riders to have won the Grand Slam. As a result of her achievements, she was voted Sunday Times Sportswoman of the Year 2003 and was in the top five of the BBC Sports Personality of the Year Awards. Pippa then went to Punchestown in Ireland to defend the individual European title that she had won in 1999 and 2001, winning a bronze medal with Walk On Star and helping the British team to win their fifth successive team title. She also finished the year as the number one ranked rider in the world. In total Pippa has won the Badminton Horse Trials three times: 2002, 2003 and 2005, and has won both the Blenheim and Windsor Horse Trials four times as well, the only rider yet to do so. Primmore's Pride became the 1st horse to win all three major four star titles - Kentucky & Burghley in 2003 and Badminton in 2005, becoming the 1st horse to win its own Grand Slam. In 2010, Pippa won the CCI3* at Bramham International horse trials on Redesigned. They went on to finish 5th as an individual at the 2010 World Equestrian Games. In 2011, she won Barbary CIC3* on Billy Llandretti. In 2013, Pippa won Tattersalls CCI3* with Billy Beware, who finished 6th at his first 4* event at Badminton Horse Trials 2014. On 13 September 2015, Pippa helped GB win Team Silver at Blair Castle aboard Sandman 7. At the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics, riding Billy the Biz, Pippa was part of the British team that finished fifth. Pippa won the 2019 Burghley Horse Trials, riding MGH Grafton Street, having led from day one. Alongside her riding career, Pippa has also written an autobiography, a training book (Training The Young Horse) and a series of children's books (watch this space!) For the past 4 years, Pippa has been trainer and mentor for the Wesko equestrian foundation previously know as the Windrush Foundation . You can find out more about the foundation here:

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Majas Hope being a star at Badminton
Majas Hope being a star at Badminton

Thank you to Boots and Hooves Photography for this cover image. You can watch Hope's Badminton Cross country round below, thanks to Equireel.

I know it’s a few days late but how could I not write something about my dear old Hope (his name aptly describes how I have never given up hope on him) finishing just inside the top 10 at Badminton Horse Trials.
If anyone would have said 10 years ago that this horse would have achieved what he has in his career I would have laughed out loud and said not in a million years.
Hope is a wonderful example of a horse not blessed with the easiest conformation, a character that I have spent many years trying to work out.
He was the kid that didn’t want to work, didn’t want to go to school, got inwardly shy and incredibly nervous but having given him the chance to excel at something he loves doing (going XC) and is very good at, his character instantly changed.
He is a very special member of my team that gives me the confidence to tackle the biggest tracks in the world.
Of course horses are not human but yes, I think of them like myself. No one could force or make me run a marathon, be a ballet dancer or a scientist, but find what you love doing, then you enjoy your work.
I know my horses inside out and Hope has been one of the most rewarding I have ever had. He is not a winner in the colour of his rosette but he is a winner in my mind, he has given me as much pleasure as some of my past winners. The greatest buzz has been seeing his mentality change over the years from a shy horse that stood at the back of his stable to one that wants your attention first, he absolutely knows he is very special.
At my age people must think why on earth do I still keep going in the sport.?
Simple answer is - because of Hope and my other wonderful partners. Having lived my whole life with these amazing creatures I can promise that the most important thing to me is that I have happy horses whose wellbeing and welfare is at the forefront of everything I do with them.
Being a patron for World Horse Welfare I feel if I can help in some way to educate people to always be treating their horses with love and respect, then Equestrianism will continue to thrive. This was one of the main reasons I did the Children’s books. As of yesterday relaunched under the new name of Pippa’s Pony Tales so that right from a young age I can hopefully get those valuable lessons across to kids, the responsibilities we have if we decide to be involved with horses and ponies.
I am not trying to make it sound as though it is all roses. Horses can get injured and yes very tragically some pay the ultimate price and it rips a hole through my heart whoever’s horse it maybe. But no, it is not just about personal gain, greed or money - it is a passion that many millions devote their whole lives to working with these magnificent animals whether it be riding, caring, owning, organising, volunteering. It would be hard to deny all these people of this but above all it would be even sadder to deny the life which a large majority of sport horses have, being loved and treated as Kings and Queens.
The majority really must not be tarnished by that tiny minority!!!! and that minority need to know it never has been and never will be acceptable.


I did think when we were sat on the M25 car park for two hours on Friday ‘Why on earth am I going all the way to Cheshire for an event.’
Well it was worth the trip to jump round one of Adrian Ditcham’s XC courses. A great last confident run before Badminton with Hope, super fences on good ground, a lovely galloping track.
As Squirrel and Wonder came out of Burnham so well and have missed a few events, they went too.
All three in the same Advanced Intermediate section, 🐿️ 3rd, Wonder 4th and Hope 7th.
So delighted with the xc rounds and great that they all left the poles up this week.

Really chuffed that Kristina Hall Jackson one of The Wesko Young riders took the top two places having spent three days with me at the beginning of the week.
Did that cost me the top two places ? Who knows but I got as much of a buzz seeing her get super scores and going so well. She is a worker, a delight to teach and yes she gets the gold star.
🤞now crossed for Badminton for both of us.

More rainbows at Poplar Park
More rainbows at Poplar Park

A good solid start to my 2023 season at Poplar Park today. I said to Emily and Lily as we drove in that I first competed at Poplar some 38 years ago 🙈👵🏻. It’s a wonderful event to have at the start of the season always on exceptional ground.
Billy Walk On, Majas Hope and MCS Maverick
(Feale, Hope and Eric to their friends) all posting double clears so Jockey feeling very happy.
It was great to do my first Event with Eric who is all class, like a Ferrari, just work in progress being done to get this seriously talented boy to relax and slow his brain down.
Feale and Hope weren’t so sure about being got out of bed so early like their jockey but by the time they arrived they certainly had got their enthusiasm up luckily so had the jockey.